Hanoi vs Binh Dinh Match Analyze the Situation and Predict the Results (39 views)

26 Jan 2024 11:35

1. Current Situation of Hanoi:

Hanoi has had difficulties top 100 bookmaker in the last 2 weeks of competition. After losing 0-1 to SLNA in the final match of phase 1 of V League, they continued to lose 1-2 to Viettel in the Vietnam National Cup. The lack of stability in performance makes many people skeptical about the team's ability to win.

2. History of unhealthy confrontation:

Hanoi often faces difficulties when confronting Binh Dinh. The match in phase 1 of V League 2023 ended with a 1-3 victory in favor of Binh Dinh. Recent confrontation history shows that Hanoi has only won 1 win and received 3 defeats in 4 matches against Binh Dinh since

3. Decline in Performance:

Hanoi's performance is not very stable, with no wins in 6/8 recent matches on all fronts. This drift makes it difficult for the team to face Binh Dinh, especially when looking at the previous confrontation results.

4. Comments on the Match:

Even though it is the home team, with the unstable situation and negative confrontation results, Hanoi is not a trustworthy choice in this match. Coach Bandović's teamwork needs to quickly overcome shortcomings to improve performance and restore trust from fans.

5. Predict Results:

Based on the current situation and confrontation history, it is predicted that the match between Hanoi and Binh Dinh may end with an advantage for the away team. For fans and bettors, careful consideration before betting is important to ensure highly effective investment decisions.

Asian Ratio (0:1/2):

Hanoi is going through an unstable series of matches, losing 3/4 of its recent confrontation with Binh Dinh. In addition, Hanoi lost the bet in 4/6 recent matches appearing on the Asian trading floor. On the contrary, Binh Dinh is a team with stable performance, winning 8 times in the last 12 matches with a pressure ratio.

2. O/U Ratio (2 1/4):

Matches between Hanoi and Binh Dinh often tend to have few goals, with 3/5 recent matches between the bookmaker free bets two teams ending with no more than 2 goals/match. In addition, 5/7 recent matches of Hanoi and 7/12 matches of Binh Dinh also took place with a similar scenario.

3. Prediction and Selection of Experts:

Based on analysis of match odds and trends, experts highly appreciate Binh Dinh's ability to receive +1/2. The final score prediction could be 0-0, reflecting the balance and discreetness between the two teams.

4. Form and Match History:

Hanoi is having difficulty with the last 5 matches not showing impressive performance. Opposite, Binh Dinh is currently showing stability with a series of winning matches. Confrontation history is also advantageous for Binh Dinh, as they often make Hanoi difficult.

5. Expected lineup:

It is expected that the lineup of Hanoi and Binh Dinh could be the deciding factor in this match. With the presence of key players such as Thanh Chung, Hung Dung, Marcao, along with a stable squad, Hanoi is still a formidable opponent. Binh Dinh will also launch a strong squad with the participation of Van Lam, Adriano Schmidt, Duc Chinh, and Rafaelson.

6. Conclusion:

Summarized from the above analysis, the match between Hanoi and Binh Dinh promises to be attractive and evenly matched. Bookmakers also share positive views on Binh Dinh's abilities. Players and fans need to monitor more information and assessments before deciding to bet to ensure highly effective investment decisions.

Hanoi is going through a series of difficult matches, losing 3/4 of their recent matches against Binh Dinh, including matches with betting pressure. On the Asian market, this team lost 4/6 recent matches.

On the contrary, Binh Dinh is a team with stable performance, winning 8/12 recent matches with a pressure ratio. The bookmaker's trust is also shown by the fact that they regularly keep positive odds for the away team.

2. O/U Ratio:

Matches between Hanoi and Binh Dinh often tend to have few goals, when 3/5 recent confrontations ended with no more than 2 goals/match. Both Hanoi and Binh Dinh have a history of matches with a low O/U ratio.

5/7 recent matches of Hanoi and 7/12 recent matches of Binh Dinh all had scenarios of no more than 2 goals/match. This can create a close match with few goals.

3. Prediction and Selection:

Based on the above analysis, experts assess that Binh Dinh may be a safer choice when applying the Asian ratio +1/2. With certainty in the ability to keep the odds and positive performance, the away team can take advantage of Hanoi's weaknesses.

The expected final score of the nigerian betting site match is 0-0, reflecting the difficulty from both teams in finding a way to attack and the ability to hold on from the defense.

4. Expected lineup:

Hanoi: Tan Truong, Van Kien, Duy Manh, Viet Anh, Van Vi, Thanh Chung, Hung Dung, Tuan Hai, Marcao, Caion, Jevtovic Milan.

Binh Dinh: Van Lam, Thanh Thinh, Marlon Almeida, Adriano Schmidt, Duc Loi, Van Trien, Van Thuan, Hoang Anh, Van Thanh, Duc Chinh, Rafaelson.


The match between Hanoi and Binh Dinh promises to be a closed and unpredictable confrontation. Players need to pay attention to confrontation history and current performance to make reasonable betting decisions. Considering choosing Binh Dinh +1/2 and predicting the result score to be 0-0 can bring good results in this match.




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