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5 Tips to get more followers on Instagram

We are not exaggerating when we say that Instagram has become the social network par excellence, just look at the Instagram statistics for 2022 to confirm it. It is not only the second platform with the most active users (one billion users each month), which in itself is already impressive; but it is also the first platform in terms of levels of interaction and user participation; So businesses, brands and celebrities keep looking for new tips to get more followers on Instagram.

This makes Instagram an attractive showcase for businesses of any type to display their product and service offerings. But, while the potential of Instagram is enormous, you will only be able to take advantage of it if you work on strategies to grow your account buy comments instagram. If you want to gain followers on Instagram, you have come to the right place. Here we will talk to you about each of the aspects that influence the growth and increase of followers of your account.

But first, why do you need to get more followers on Instagram for your business account?

This is one of those questions that answers itself. Gaining followers on Instagram for your business account means that there are more users and potential customers attentive to your brand's product and service offering.

By getting many followers on Instagram you will not only be increasing the exposure of your products , but this will translate into sales, conversions and even the credibility you generate in potential clients who discover your profile on the platform, since gaining followers on Instagram and build a solid audience, will be interpreted as a kind of seal of approval among platform users, which can be decisive in obtaining new clients.

With the advent of the Instagram algorithm and increased competition within the platform, getting real Instagram followers can be a challenge, so it's no longer enough to just post and hope your followers respond. It is necessary to work strategically in each aspect, from creating content to publishing and interacting with your followers.

Read on to learn some tips to get more followers on Instagram so you can use them to grow your account.

1. Know your Instagram followers and potential clients of the platform

To grow on Instagram it is vital to know the type of users you want to attract . If your intention is to get Instagram followers for your business account, ask yourself who your products and services are aimed at and then define what the common interests are among users interested in this niche.

Knowing your Instagram followers in depth and the characteristics of your audience will provide you with content that allows you to attract new users who can not only become followers, but would be potential customers.

Likewise, after knowing the interests and needs of your followers, it is important that you create attractive, entertaining or valuable content that keeps them interested in your account and helps you strengthen a positive perception of your brand.

2. Work on hashtag strategies

The idea of ​​hashtags was born on Twitter, but quickly reached other platforms. Hashtags on Instagram increase the visibility of your posts , making them discoverable to users interested in the niche that each “keyword” represents.

To identify which are the most effective hashtags for your posts, it is necessary to do research. You can do this by taking a look at the hashtags used by your competition and influential accounts within your niche. You can even encourage yourself to create your own hashtags that help you stimulate the interaction of your followers and identify your publications within the platform.

3. Interact with your Instagram followers

We never tire of repeating it: No strategy works if there are no interactions!

One of the many reasons why Instagram has become a popular channel is because it allows followers to receive feedback from interactions you make with the accounts you follow. If your goal is to get many Instagram followers, it is important to interact with them, either by responding to their messages and comments or even sharing posts related to your brand.

4. Make contests and alliances with other accounts

To grow on Instagram and increase your number of followers you must be open to collaborations ; whether it be influencer marketing, other accounts with a large Instagram follower base, or even brands whose products are complementary to those you offer in your business.

Working with other accounts can make your content reach other users of the platform and its effectiveness increases much more if we talk about accounts with many Instagram followers.

5. Define an aesthetic for your profile

Establish a specific style and create a unique aesthetic for your profile that helps you display your content in an attractive way to your followers. Whether we're talking about distinctive formats, color palettes, or even content types, you need to present your posts in an eye-catching way. This will help you make those users who come to your profile become your Instagram followers and even potential clients.




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